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FunAir and Monaco Yacht Show
sign 3 year agreement

2016 signals the start of a three-year partnership between FunAir and Monaco Yacht Show for the Show’s official Captain and Crew Lounge.

FunAir is thrilled to announce a three-year partnership for the popular Monaco Yacht Show Captain and Crew Lounge – the meeting place for captains and crew during the four-day show.

The long-term agreement with the MYS follows FunAir’s hugely successful American season where their climbing wall and Floating Island with inflatable chaise loungers were met with great enthusiasm. FunAir Chief of Yachting John Courtney said, strategic affiliation with Monaco Yacht Show demonstrates the company’s commitment to the most prestigious yacht show in the world. “Having enjoyed phenomenal success at last year’s event we couldn’t think of a better way to underscore our continued support for the Monaco Yacht Show. 

“By partnering with the show, we can continue getting to really know our clients, ask them questions and seek feedback on what we’re doing with our products.

“After all, captains and crew have a huge say in the purchasing decisions onboard yachts and it is their job to ensure owners and guests are having the time of their lives.”
With the exception of captains and crew, only partners such as FunAir have access to the lounge making it the perfect meeting point.
John stated, “While we receive greater visibility for our brand and the ability to host private discussions with clients, we believe that, because we share many similar values with the show, we are partnering with the MYS Captain and Crew Lounge in its efforts to build and maintain positive relationships with captains and crew.”
Climbing walls have become the latest ‘must have’ product and was the top choice for American crew surveyed in 2015. The team at FunAir are confident this trend will only continue and more captains and crew will drive demand for must have inflatable yacht products.
With approximately 120 yachts on display during the Monaco Yacht Show, and another 140 at anchor in the Bay of Monaco, more than 260 captains plus their crew are looking for some down time during the frenzy of the show.
This is where the MYS C&C Lounge makes the perfect escape and the team at FunAir can engage in more relaxed conversations with crew.
“The MYS Captain and Crew Lounge really is an oasis of calm amid what is an intense four days. Last year we found that captains and crew welcomed the chance to take time out to chat with us and of course sample some fun!” said John.
“Being the only inflatable company with an in-water display right outside the Yacht Club de Monaco, we will launch our next product line right alongside the world’s most beautiful yachts.”
Find the FunAir team in the Captain and Crew Lounge at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, on Quai Louis II right next to the Yacht Club.
The MYS C&C Lounge will be open each day from 8:30am until 7:00pm, before, during and after the exhibition opening hours.


SSS Slip and Slide


FunAir Kickstarter campaign a success!

FunAir Introduces New Super Sweet Slide, Crowd Funds Over $57,000 on KickStarter. FunAir is thrilled to announce the success of its recent KickStarter campaign for the Super Sweet Slide, a new market product scheduled to come out in early summer of 2016. The campaign raised over $57,000 and is on track to deliver the first units in May of 2016.

FunAir’s new Super Sweet Slide is an ultra-slick commercial grade 25 foot long by 6 foot wide lawn slide that is connectable allowing you to connect as many slides as you have room to create the ultimate premium water slide. Perfect for small yards, big yards, or block parties, invite your friends and family over to bring their FunAir Super Sweet Slide to connect to yours making it perfect for summer fun. The slide is designed with inflated side arm tubes that help keep the water and sliders safely on the slide. It even has a built in water sprayer to keep the slide wet so you can slide further.

Eric Goldreyer, Co-Founder and CEO, say’s “The Super Sweet Slide® was designed to provide years of outdoor fun in the sun. We built it to last. It isn’t one of the use-it-once and throw it away slides from when I was a kid. We also built it to be safe by adding inflatable side tubes to help keep the riders safely on the slide.”

The Super Sweet Slide is also easy to transport and set up. At 40lbs., it is about the same weight as a large bag of dog food and it fits nicely into the trunk of your car. With the optional FunAir electric pump, the slide sets up in about 10 minutes by simply rolling it out, airing up and staking down the side tubes, and connecting a water hose.



Laity Lodge partners with FunAir

In the spirit of family and fun, Laity Lodge Youth Camp and FunAir have partnered in an effort to put together the best summer camp season yet with the new 3m Glacier.

The new Glacier is the result of an ongoing collaboration between FunAir and Laity Lodge Youth Camp, which already boasts the Glacier Extreme, Super Sweet Slide, Gaga Ball Pit, and FunAir Water Mats throughout their 1900 acre camp complex.

“When we purchase new products for camp, we try to think in terms of cost, how many campers can use the product at one time, and what will be the most fun and memorable experience” says Laity Lodge Youth Camp Director Beck Marlar.

Beck goes on to say that “we chose to partner with FunAir because of the products they have available that work for our camp and, more importantly, the customer service they provide. The customer service is over the top, and we love working with them. Our campers love our FunAir products. Everything from the 50’ slip n slides to the Glacier toy that they get to play on. Camp wouldn’t be as good without our FunAir products!”

The concept behind Laity Lodge Youth Camp began with a young Howard Butt, Sr. who purchased Wolfe Ranch in 1954 with the goal of providing pastoral experiences for children. Today, Laity Lodge Camp is one of several programs within The H. E. Butt Family Foundation, led by David and Deborah Rogers. Laity Lodge, Laity Lodge Family Camp, Laity Lodge Youth Camp, and Foundation Camps & Outdoor Education each provide unique camping experiences at different facilities along the Frio River.

FunAir makes the world's most innovative, high quality, inflatable products that bring friends and family together to laugh, smile, and have fun. Founded in 2013, FunAir’s first successes came in designing custom yacht inflatables in a marketplace where quality, fit, and finish are a mandatory requirement. FunAir has recently tapped into creating high quality consumer products for camps, resorts, churches, schools, and home users with products like the Super Sweet Slide and Gaga Ball Pit.


Backyard water slides - comparison of two different slip and slides, Austin American Statesman

Austin America Statesman did a video comparison of two brands of backyard slip and slides. One lawn waters slide is short, thin and, well, not awesome. The other was a long waters slide at  25' long and 6' wide, made with commercial grade quality, slick and truly awesome. We may be biased about who makes the worlds best water slide, but the media isn't. They report, you decide.

View the video.




Inflatable yacht toys create mega fun - The Crew Report, Summer 2016

Yachts will have their latest and greatest toys on display at any charter show, but there’s one superyacht that’s guaranteed to have toys before any others: Oceanco’s 50.5m Lazy Z, the official innovation partner of FunAir. We speak to the captain about how his ideas end up on yachts all over the world. Inflatable yacht toys that keep yacht owners and their guests entertained with mega fun for hours is what FunAir does.




Inflatable yacht toys in ShowBoats International



Inflatable Yacht Toy Story - Showboats International, June 2016

Many of their manufacturers’ innovations are linked to the demands of the charter business, from semi-production slides, delivered in just a few days, to custom-fitted toys that address the specific demands of charter guests. FunAir (in the business of making fun out of thin air) recently fitted the successful charter yacht Lazy Z with a “leap-of-faith” platform, in addition to a new custom slide and climbing wall. “Jumping off the boat is a rite of passage for many charter guests,” says John Courtney, managing director for FunAir’s yachts and marine division. The trouble is leaping off a big yacht looks quite different from the other side of the rail. An inflatable platform, complete with inflatable anti-skid stairs and handles, allows the more cautious to change their mind and return to the sun deck with nothing bruised, except perhaps their ego.





First click and buy website for superyacht inflatable water toys delivers the goods… Fast!

FunAir, USA., Press Release - June, 2016

Innovation takes many forms and yacht inflatable company FunAir certainly thrives in this area. In just three years they have already built the tallest inflatable climbing wall, significantly reduced deployment times for large inflatable products with their patented RapidFlate technology, launched the first in-stock yacht slide that can be shipped within 24 hours; and developed the first innovation partnership to test and develop new inflatable products with popular charter yacht Lazy Z.

Well, they have done it again. The team at FunAir HQ based in Austin, Texas have launched a brand new website with the first click and buy interface for inflatable products. Showcasing both their in-stock and custom inflatable products for yachts, resorts and at home family fun, the site offers online shopping and promises to ship in-stock products within 24 hours.

Known for designing and building incredible custom inflatables for some of the world’s most popular superyachts, the website also showcases a number of the custom compliments currently on the water. If you need inspiration, take a look and in the words of FunAir’s John Courtney, Managing Director, Yachting and Marine, “The only real limitation for FunAir products are the laws of physics, if your dream is physically possible, we will build it for you.”

Products currently available for practically atomic speed delivery include Water Mats, Stand Up Paddle Boards, the Glacier Extreme and the in-stock yacht slide. The must have Super Sweet Slide and GaGa Ball pit are also available with immediate shipment for unparalleled on land fun.

With distribution centres in Europe, America, Australia and the East captains and owners can expect to receive delivery of non-custom product in just a couple of days.

The FunAir Yacht Shop can be found here:

And resort and at home products can be found here:

To speak with FunAir email or call +1 512-593-5133.    - END 


Robb Report article features FunAir yacht slides & toys

"Continuing to play with its 144-foot OceaNemo Sport Utility Yacht concept, MC Yacht International has recently announced exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s leading water-toy manufacturers for what promises to result in a lavish floating “fun house.” Being touted as the first sport-utility yacht, the vessel will be outfitted with action-oriented amenities for land, sea, and air."

We don't mind name dropping when it's our name and yacht toys that are dropped in the company of premium yacht builders like OceanNemo on lifestyle websites like the Robb Report. 

"Among the array of recreational possibilities will be: an inflatable rock-climbing wall, a giant waterslide, and aquatic trampolines from Texas-based FunAir."