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Whether for your yacht, resort or camp, or for your home, we pride ourselves on innovating new ways to amp up the Fun.

Floating Oasis


Floating Oasis

The FunAir Floating Oasis is the ultimate on water retreat for the guests on your superyacht. Equipped to handle 8 adults comfortably, the floating oasis has a splash area in the center that has a netted bottom to allow water in but keep ocean critters out. The oasis can be tethered from the yacht whilst out on the open seas, or can be a cool and luxurious option for lounging around the shallow waters during a beach excursion.



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Floating Bouncers

Inflatable Floating Bouncers are a great way for your superyacht guests to jump and play on the water. Not only is the Floating Bouncer an awesome trampoline, it also makes a great lounging platform for hanging out in the sun once you are worn out from jumping.

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Fenders and Work Platforms

FunAir commercial grade inflatable yacht Fenders and Work Platforms help protect your yacht and make working on the water easier for the crew. Customize colors and logos to ensure your inflatable yacht toys look as good as they perform.

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The FunAir SeaStairs (Patent No. D716,897) have forever changed the way people can get on and off inflatable water toys. Simply float in, stand up, and walk right out of the water onto your inflatable. Perfect for kids and adults of all ages and abilities.

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FunAir Electric Pump

The FunAir Electric Pump is a powerful pump that makes quick work of inflating and deflating your products. The pump provides 2.7psi of pressure and is available in AC120V US and AC230V Euro standards.



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FunAir Digital Air Pressure Gauge

The FunAir Digital Pressure Gauge will ensure your inflatable is pressurized at the proper psi to perform better and last longer. The gauge features a Halkey-Roberts style valve and has a large backlit digital readout with 4 modes of measurement: psi, kpa, bar, and kgf/cm2.



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FunAir T-Shirt

Celebrate a FunLife with us and schwag-up with a black or white 100% cotton Super Sweet FunAir t-shirt. Shirts comes in M, L, XL. Inflatable slides come a much larger sizes.



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FunAir Trucker Cap

Celebrate a FunLife with us and schwag-up with a Super Sweet FunAir Trucker Cap. One size fits all. Great for the yacht, resort, camp and the lake or beach. Enjoy inflatable water slides, SUPs, gaga ball pits, bouncers, swim mats, bouncer, inflatable yacht toys.