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Floating Oasis

The FunAir Floating Oasis is the ultimate on water retreat for the guests on your superyacht. Equipped to handle 8 adults comfortably, the floating oasis has a splash area in the center that has a netted bottom to allow water in but keep ocean critters out. The oasis can be tethered from the yacht whilst out on the open seas, or can be a cool and luxurious option for lounging around the shallow waters during a beach excursion.


The Floating Oasis comes with FunAir's patented sea stairs that make getting in and out of the water easy for all ages. It also has a back rest that makes lounging extra comfortable.

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Sea Stairs

Includes our patented Sea Stairs which truly innovate how guests get out of the water onto the Oasis. Simply stand up and walk out of the water.


Splash Area

Netted splash area allows guests to cool off quickly and easily while keeping ocean critters away.


Product Specs

FunAir inflatables are thoughtfully designed by our world class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.


  • Material Specifications
    0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. - 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, non slip material, hot air welded seams, no-rot netting

  • Dimensions
    Floating Oasis Inflated: 410cmx410cm
    Floating Oasis Packed: 100cmx80cmx60cm
    Weight: 78kg

  • Setup Time
    20 Minutes

  • Warranty
    3 Year Limited Warranty


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