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Whether for your yacht, resort or camp, or for your home, we pride ourselves on innovating new ways to amp up the Fun.

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Super Sweet Slide


The Ultimate Backyard Water Slide! The FunAir Super Sweet Slide® is an ultra-slick commercial grade 25 foot long by 6 foot wide lawn slide that is connectable so you can connect multiple slides to make the biggest slip and slide out there. Make this summer fun epic!



portable gaga pit, portable gaga ball pit, indoor gaga pit, commercial gaga ball pit


Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit

Portable Gaga Ball Pit, designed for indoor use or on a soft grassy surface. Our commercial grade, sealed air inflatable gaga ball pit sets up fast and is easy to transport. Use to entertain in rain or shine, just pack up the game when done and use your space for other fun.



water mat, premium quality water mat, high quality watermat


Inflatable Water Mat

The FunAir Inflatable Water Mat is a great place to hang out with family and friends on the water. Looks great, packs tight and easily stores on your boat or in your garage. Made with commercial grade materials and workmanship, this inflatable swim mat is great for lakes, ocean, rivers and the yacht. Also a great source of fun for camps and resorts.



Inflatable SUP boards, stand up paddle boards, premium quality SUP boards


Inflatable SUP

The FunAir Inflatable SUP family offers 3 types of SUPs: 11 foot Multi Purpose inflatable SUP, 14 foot Race inflatable SUP, and 18 foot Mega inflatable SUP. Each FunAir SUP includes a SUP hand pump.



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Glacier Extreme

This mammoth floating climbing mountain stands at 16’ high and has 3 different climbing walls with varying terrain and one seriously fast slide. Make your camp or resort THE place to be this summer with this inflatable climbing pyramid and slide. Lake toy perfection.



Inflatable Boat Dock Slide


Inflatable Boat Dock Slide

Call us crazy, but we were looking for a way to make a two story boat dock even more fun. This adrenaline pumping inflatable slide is designed for two story boat docks with railing heights between 14’ and 19’ from the water line.



Inflatable yacht slide base unit, inflatable dock slide lake base unit, inflatable slide extra height, inflatable lake toy, base


Dock Slide Base Unit

The Dock Slide Base Unit provides additional height for your FunAir commercial grade Inflatable Dock Slide.



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Yacht Slides

We Don't Make Yachts.  We Make Yachts Fun.


Custom Inflatable Yacht Slides are a specialty of FunAir. Our team that has built hundreds of custom inflatable toys for yachts, including multiple types of yacht slides. We offer custom sizes, colors, logos, and designs built to exact boat specifications ensure your yacht slide integrates seamlessly with your boat.


Custom Price


Inflatable Yacht Climbing Walls, yacht climbing wall, custom yacht climbing wall


Climbing Walls

FunAir was first to market with custom designed inflatable climbing walls and has custom fitted more yachts than any other company in the industry. Select between a water entry or deck entry for your inflatable yacht climbing wall.

Custom Price


Personal Watercraft Dock, PWC dock, inflatable jetski dock


Personal Watercraft Docks

We Make Toys For Your Toys


Personal Watercraft (PWC) Docks give your yacht a safe place to park your toys. These inflatable floating docks protect your guests, yacht, and watercraft. We offer both Simple and Convertible PWC Docks made of drop stitch or PVC material. The Simple PWC Dock starts at $5,500.

Custom Price


netted sea pool, inflatable yacht sea pool, sting free sea pool


Sea Pools

FunAir inflatable pools are a safe and comfortable way to enjoy your day swimming in the ocean. Designed with either PVC or Drop Stitch materials, these pools provide protection from jellyfish with netting and an enclosed area to prevent guests from floating away in the current. Delight your guest with this custom inflatable yacht toy.

Custom Price


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Floating Loungers

Inflatable Floating Loungers are a great way for your guests to relax on the water and enjoy their favorite cold beverage, while catching up on the day. We offer two different models: Inflatable Floating Oasis and Inflatable Floating Island.

Custom Price


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Floating Bouncers

Inflatable Floating Bouncers are a great way for your guests to jump and play on the water. It also makes a great lounging platform for hanging out in the sun once you are worn out from jumping.

Custom Price


Custom yacht toys, custom yacht inflatables, custom inflatable yacht fenders, custom inflatable yacht toys,


Fenders and Work Platforms

FunAir commercial grade inflatable yacht Fenders and Work Platforms help protect your yacht and make working on the water easier for the crew. Customize colors and logos to ensure your inflatable yacht toys look as good as they perform.

Custom Price


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Our patented SeaStairs have forever changed the way people can get on and off inflatable water toys. Simply float in, stand up, and walk right out of the water onto your inflatable. Perfect for kids and adults of all ages and abilities.

Custom Price


Electric pump for Inflatable slides, inflatable SUPs, portable Gaga Pit, inflatable yacht slide, inflatable netted pools


FunAir Electric Pump

The FunAir Electric Pump is a powerful pump that makes quick work of inflating and deflating your products. The pump provides 2.7psi of pressure and is available in AC120V US and AC230V Euro standards.



Inflatable slide pressure gauge, custom inflatable climbing wall, custom inflatable yacht slide, gaga ball pit, inflatable personal watercraft dock gauge.


FunAir Digital Air Pressure Gauge

The FunAir Digital Pressure Gauge will ensure your inflatable is pressurized at the proper psi to perform better and last longer. The gauge features a Halkey-Roberts style valve and has a large backlit digital readout with 4 modes of measurement: psi, kpa, bar, and kgf/cm2.



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FunAir T-Shirt

Celebrate a FunLife with us and schwag-up with a black or white 100% cotton Super Sweet FunAir t-shirt. Shirts comes in M, L, XL. Inflatable slides come a much larger sizes.



Trucker hats for having fun on the water, inflatable water toys require hats, protect yourself from the sun when enjoying inflatable yacht slides, inflatable climbing walls


FunAir Trucker Cap

Celebrate a FunLife with us and schwag-up with a Super Sweet FunAir Trucker Cap. One size fits all. Great for the yacht, resort, camp and the lake or beach. Enjoy inflatable water slides, SUPs, gaga ball pits, bouncers, swim mats, bouncer, inflatable yacht toys.